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Corona diary 09

Continued from Corona diary 08, started at Corona diary 01.

1. Monday

11th of May, 2020: One opposition politician went on a hunger strike, sitting in front of the national parliament. Allegedly because of the situation with Kosovo – which is bullshit (won’t even go into that…). Sittins on the stairs, in front of the parliament. Then, another opposition leader, Obradović, (right wing, extremely religious movement) sat on the stairs, allegedly also on hunger strike, asking for the elections to be postponed, because there are no conditions for them to be fair. Then, two ruling party politicians also joined the hunger strike, and hear the funniest part:

against the public prosecutor’s inaction towards Obradović’s outbursts in and in front of the parliament!?!

So the ruling party is protesting against the institution that they are practically running. Lovely, isn’t it? Not that the other two opposition protestors are any better, nor wiser, nor more honest – right wing idiots, hungry for power.

Both the opposition and the ruling party brought their supporters (“spontaneously gathered…” – with organized bus transport, yes, sure…) to protest in front of the national assembly. At the time when 2 metre distance is proposed, because of the corona virus. Lovely.

Regime and "opposition" supporters, demonstrating 2 metre distance...
Regime and “opposition” supporters, demonstrating 2 metre distance…

Now it’s 11th of may – by the end of the month, I’d be rally surprised if there isn’t a huge increase in the number of Corona infected people.

In the mean time, I went to day job, after a call from Gandalf, to consult about some new domain groups implementation.

Bicycle shops are overwhelmed with customers nowadays. After short, or no working hours during the lockdown, and with the 2-months of no public transport, plus many people fearing entering public transport now, because of the virus (very few people wear masks here), everybody is either buying, or servicing bicycles. Bicycles are sold out, while repairs are on a 10+ days wait time. Much more rush than during the “regular” season start.

2. Rest of the week

12th of May 2020: Spent the most of the week working in the bicycle shop. Crazy, hectic workload. Most of the work was just taking in the bicycles and seeing what needs to be done, arranging work and deadlines with the customers.

13th of May 2020: Stopped taking in the bikes, since the workshop has been full. Spent most of the day fixing the bikes. Which was nice, meditative – without many people coming in, so no interruptions. Long day, but a pleasant one. Worked for about 14 hours, taking breaks when needed.

14th of May 2020: Finished most of the bikes and had the customers pick them up during the day. Still not taking any new bikes. Took the time to make the needed photos for an article I’m writing.

In the afternoon, went to a medical checkup. All looks good, but still waiting for blood test results.

15th of May 2020: Spent most of the day cleaning the house and writing a new article on how to build bicycle wheels – basics.

In the late afternoon I went to a local pub, while it was still nice and quiet (no other customers) to sit with some friends and arrange the details for a business venture we are planning to try. Investment mostly boils down to time, learning and effort – so the worst case scenario is we don’t make any money, but learn how it’s done, so it can be offered to people with a better business plan, as a service.

Went to SWMBO’s sister’s place and got a bit drunk. 🙂

3. Weekend

16th of May 2020: Sobering up for the most of the day – will I ever learn?! 🙂 And doing the research and learning on the planned business venture.

17th of May 2020: Spent the entire day digging and planting water pipes at Gandalf’s weekend house. Felt really great – both mentally and physically. Cycled there and back – which is always a joy. 🙂

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