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Short WWI story

The situation with the Corona virus outbreak in my country, reminds me of a story from a novel called “Srpska Trilogija” (eng. “Serbian Trilogy”), by Stevan Jakovljević. Will paraphrase it from memory, since it’s been decades since I had read it and I have no original copies any more:

“In a war, soldiers go first. Then come the logistics and the doctors. Followed by the people. At the end, there are the leaders. Once the war has ended, that entire column does an about-turn (180 degree turn), and those who were the last come first then”.

It is similar nowadays. The underpaid and overworked nurses are probably taking the biggest load of this crisis – along with the doctors, but also with supermarket cashiers, banks tellers, police, and the army. But don’t worry, when (if) this is over, they will be forgotten and go back to doing their difficult underpaid jobs. Some might get a medal to show for it, on some special occasion (as long as they know how to behave and don’t spoil any festivities). And that’s it – back to business as usual, nothing to see, move on…

Hat off to the hard working nurses
Hat off to the hard working nurses

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