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Corona diary 05

Updated: 26/04/2020.

Continued from Corona diary 04, started with Corona diary 01.


  1. Monday – Day after a full weekend lockdown
  2. Tuesday – Future plans
  3. Wednesday – The leg day
  4. Thursday
  5. Friday – 2000 year curfew
  6. Weekend

1. Monday – Day after a full weekend lockdown

13th of April, 2020: After the whole weekend in lockdown, Monday was the first day we could go out? Did we make the most of it? No, not nearly. SWMBO did some online classes in the morning, then we had a training session. After that, she decided to finish her video project. I helped with that, while also working on some of the BikeGremlin YouTube videos.

However, for the most of the day, I just watched YouTube videos I find interesting (and educational). And played Fallout Tactics – what better time than now for a post-apocalyptic fantasy role play games. 🙂 It’s cool – I’m a huge fan of Fallout 1 & 2 – but not the newer, 3D stuff (worse atmosphere, lower quality story/writing, and poorer gameplay mechanics).

SWMBO is getting more and more frustrated. Feeling nervous, sad… I can’t get her to go out, can’t get her to doing anything. She wants me to devote more time into practically entertaining her. Which is hard when she’s not giving any positive feedback, just keeps demanding more. On top of that, her liking to sleep in, til noon when there’s no work, and stay up late, does not cope all too well with the curfew hours – with 5 PM to 5 AM lockdown. So most of the, already shortened day, is bound to go wasted.

To me it’s a lot easier. I get up early anyway, and prefer going rather early to bed. Anyway, I’m planning on urging her to go out tomorrow, no matter the weather. Think it will help.

2. Tuesday

14th of April, 2020: Woke up SWMBO for her English class. Made coffee (she never has breakfast early). As usually. Then, as we were drinking coffee, she asked about our August wedding plans. Whether she should go and have a dress sewn. I said that she could do that, the dress won’t go bad if it stays longer in the closet, even if we need to postpone.

To which she replied she doesn’t want to spend the money if she won’t need the dress this summer. That too was a fair point, was my reply – for all I know, there is no way to tell when and if this will ever go back to normal, especially in the following year, probably two. I said that, based on how the things are going, my pay is very likely to be reduced, while she might also go out of work (her number of lessons is greatly reduced and she got a 10% pay cut “until further ado”).

She really hates “my pessimism”. The problem is I’m more often right, than wrong, unfortunately. I said that no one really knows how things will be based on the currently available info. Right now health of all the people close to us, and money are my major concerns. It is how I am. Trying to monetize my websites and see if I can make enough extra income from that, to help us if (when) things get tougher. And, said that we won’t go broke if she buys the dress at least, then see how things turn out – the rest of the stuff is easier to organize on a short notice.

Had a serious talk with her after the morning training. Couldn’t talk her into going out for a walk – it was rainy and windy outside though. She looked at the forecast and agreed to do it the next day. Then she insisted on going (by a car) to visit her good friend and her husband – who got a newborn. I was against it – because of the pandemic, but one does not simply argue sense with a woman. So – she was dead set on going, at least on her own… and we went. It was very nice, hope it won’t end up being too costly.

Government announced curfew over the Orthodox Easter weekend, lasting from this Friday at 17:00, until Tuesday at 5:00. There’s still a great deal of pressure from the church and the “believers” to make exceptions “at least on the Sunday”.

PMS drama: true story, Serbia, 21st century. 🙂 The chief of Serbian anti-corona expert team, Predrag Kon, wrote on his Facebook profile that he quits, “because of the insults and criticism he and his team keep getting”. Yup. The guy who is supposed to keep a level head and lead the anti-Corona efforts, on Facebook, frowns and “leaves”.

Then, later, allegedly he “had a talk with the president and the prime minister and changed his mind, deciding to take responsibility and lead in these difficult times”. 65 year old guy.

Discussed it, answering journalist questions, in the afternoon, on TV (and on the national TV YouTube channel that I got to watch later). Said he was also really struck by the pressure from the Orthodox church and the believers. Praising the “strong support from the president and the authorities”.

3. Wednesday – The leg day

15th of April, 2020: SWMBO was in a lot better mood today. She decided to not do any training, but to go take a walk with Linda. The day is nice, warm and sunny. And she doesn’t like the legs training – finds it really hard and painful. I decided it would be wiser to give her and Linda more space, stayed home and did the training. Besides: one does not simply skip the leg day (pun intended 🙂 ).

Arranged with a friend to service his bicycle tomorrow at noon.

After the morning training, I got a strong migraine – it gets me every few months. So put the shades, laid down, played Ghost in the Shell anime series and fell asleep as the pains decreased and aspirins started to kick in. Ghost in the Shell is brilliant cyberpunk anime cartoon series. Playing with both cool action scenes and philosophy and ethics.

When I got up, late afternoon, SWMBO came home, and I wasn’t up to much – said I’ll just play Civilization on the computer, putting my brain on idle. She played Sims. So we spent an anti-social afternoon / evening.

4. Thursday

16th of April, 2020: Got up late, or later than usual – at about 9 AM. Slept pretty bad – as well as the SWMBO. We decided to move the training for 5 PM. I fixed the shades on the balcony, then went to the garage to return the tools, and pick some other tools – with which I went to the flat I used to rent before the Shitstorm™ (which now is empty), and fixed stuff there, let some air and sunshine in, cleaned a bit.

In the mean time, I got an SMS from Saruman’s and Grima’s first underling, notifying me that the entire department is on 24h/7 (non-stop) on-call duty, until the state of emergency is over. I asked – they said they wanted to cut the expenses, how come they are paying us all 24/7 now? Got the answer I had expected: we aren’t getting paid. 🙂 I replied, that I expect the government to print more money, to cover all the expenses, hence our pays will also get effectively reduced, if not nominally, very soon. But as far as I’m concerned, it’s as before: whoever can find anything better, should do it.

There is a duty towards one’s countrymen, country, other people, but family comes first. The time for it and also putting the food on the table. This kind of treatment, in my opinion, is unacceptable. The sense of duty and the experience that any rushed decisions are often bad, made me not resign right away.

5. Friday – 2000 year curfew

17th of April, 2020: In the morning, I got a call from mr Živan Marelj, Wanted to give me a copy of his newly published book on the destruction of Yugoslavia. We had a long talk, in front of his building, standing 2 metres apart. 🙂 Said he’s eager to discuss more after I read the book. Looking forward to reading it – he’s very well informed, knowledgeable and goes into details.

After that, came home, made breakfast, then SWMBO and I went shopping – for the curfew that is supposed to last until Tuesday morning. Long weekend. 🙂 We went to my mother’s house, took some supplies for her, and sat and talked in the yard, in the sun. And played with the dogs. It was nice.

There were a lot of people going to the nearby Fruška Gora, to their weekend houses, planning to use the nice weekend in the country, instead of locked inside their apartments.

6. Weekend

18th and 19th of April, 2020: Spent most of the weekend reading and writing a book review. SWMBO did her English lessons on-line, and played Sims 4 in between.

With training in the morning and some beer & wine in the evening, together. It’s quite nice, this whole Corona curfew thing. 🙂

Continued at Corona diary 06.

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