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Corona diary 06

Updated: 05/05/2020.

Continued from Corona diary 05, started at Corona diary 01.


  1. Monday – Still locked in
  2. Tuesday
  3. Wednesday
  4. Thursday
  5. Friday
  6. Weekend

1. Monday – Still locked in

20th of April, 2020: This weekend’s curfew was a bit longer. Included Monday as well. Used the time to create backups and images of my desktop and laptop OS installations and program setups. Just in case – I do that from time to time. Using Macrium Reflect for that – it reads both Windows (NTFS) and Linux (Ext4) file systems, so can be used to create and restore images of both – and it is completely free for personal use, with no annoying adverts. You need to know what is what when selecting disk partitions to backup/restore, but it is fairly simple and it is free.

Made training a bit more exhausting, “cardio” as they say. 🙂 All indoors, one room, with two people. 🙂

In the news, and on social networks, one could read about proposed “easing” of all the quarantine measures – in terms of allowing some more shops and markets to work and shortening the curfew. While a popular Serbian sportsman, tennis player Novak Đoković, said in some on-line chat that was published, that “he would not take a vaccine if there was one”. This all got lots of publicity, especially with the people who are “enthusiastic” about various conspiracies etc.

I think that loosening the curfew and allowing for various markets and businesses to be open is probably a solution to put business and the economy above human lives. Then see who survives.

2. Tuesday

21st of April, 2020: Managed to get a minor injury of a knee muscle while training in the morning. Hopefully, it is just a slight “pull” and will pass in a day, or two – stopped as soon as it was noticed. Probably am too old to be doing one-legged squats. Decided to give it a rest and try cycling on the day after – cycling is good and therapeutic on leg joints and muscles, at least for me. With the curfew lifted for “just during the night”, I would be able to go and ride outside. Weather forecast is nice for the week.

In the evening, I attended a WordPress meetup (online, of course), where a corporate and digital law expert discussed and answered questions about GDPR and legal aspects of web design and freelancing. It was very educational. All the questions I had had were asked by other participants, and answered by the expert, so had no reason to ask anything, just listened – it lasted for almost two hours and was very educational.

Since this is about documenting stuff, not only related to the Corona virus, I found this interesting – allegedly, Microsoft removed an advert they made with the artist Marina Abramović, “after conspiracy theories suggested she was affiliated with Satanism”. Think this illustrates that there really isn’t much freedom of speech, even (or especially?) in the US, as well as the amount of Idiocracy in the world today.

3. Wednesday

22nd of April, 2020: Started the day with a 3 hour bicycle ride. Helped SWMBO with editing her video project – with a crash course in video editing, using the free, open source, Kdenlive video editing software.

Having finished and added some cool background music, it turns out that Instagram forbids the use of some music for users that are from Serbia, or some other undeveloped country. Didn’t know that.

4. Thursday

23rd of April, 2020: Had a long bicycle ride, over the local mountain. Picked a route past my mother’s house on the way back, so I stopped for a visit. We drank some beer in the backyard, chatted, it was nice.

Got a call from the Saruman’s and Grima’s first underling – asking advice on work schedule for the next four weeks. I gave my recommendation with the explanation, but they ended up disregarding it all, making the call itself a complete waste of time. 🙂 The good thing is I remembered to carry headphones just in case, so could continue riding while chatting.

Also had a long phone chat with the author of the book I had reviewed – it was nice and interesting. We agreed to meet in person as soon as the people over 65 are allowed outside at times when the rest of us are allowed too. They suggested I go into politics. 🙂 Explained I had already refused such offers – the type of people who are into politics these days are the one’s I prefer not to sit and talk with.

The sun and the ride got me really “drained”. I fell asleep as I got home.

5. Friday

24th of April, 2020: Trained with SWMBO in the morning. Then went to see about a project for an on-line store. A guy from a WordPress workshop contacted me with the idea. It sounds very good, but I see a lot of technical and legal complications on the way. Discussed it with Gandalf, he knows a guy who did something similar for a niche market, so we decided to see with that man about all the caveats and solutions. Writing down questions and problems we perceive (I always hope for the best, but do my best to have a solution for the worst case scenario – jokingly calling it: “the power of negative thinking! #demotivation” 🙂 ).

SWMBO commented how this crisis and “quarantine” has brought us closer together and how happy she is we get to spend more time together. I agreed, it is nice, didn’t even realize how much I miss the times together, with all the work from morning, to night fall under “normal conditions”. Quite enjoying being “stuck at home” with her… though I’m still limited to only one dad-joke per day – if I wish to live that is – ooohhh the horror! 🙂

6. Weekend

25th and 26th of April, 2020: Had a long phone call with Gandalf, concerning a website project we had started some time ago. Building a website for a friend’s business. The friend had hired a pro designer for the visual design, but the guy had not made a website, not in WordPress. Some of the design solutions are very difficult to implement, especially in a way that looks good both on a computer and on a smartphone. And not all the links and functions are clearly determined. So it takes a lot of effort just figuring out what needs to be done.

A local (Croatian/Bosnian) writer Miljenko Jergović wrote about Corona virus in a way that resonated in the local media. Criticizing all the craziness, panic and strict measures, that limit the freedom of movement and public gathering. Talking about how it suits the totalitarian regimes and how we should not give up our freedom for security.

He then went on to state an example of Partisans (Yugoslav WW2 resistance movement that gave nazis a really hard time during the entire war), how they didn’t choose to protect their health at the cost of loosing freedom.

Well, I have a few objections to this point of view. First of all, it does generalize quite a lot and is put so that it sounds very cool – liberty and all that. However, even the WW2 partizans did rely on hiding in the woods, striking Germans suddenly, where they didn’t expect, then retreating quickly if needed. One of the legendary “victories” was a tactical retreat from a German offensive that had the majority of partisan forces encircled, leaving the only way out over a tall and freezing mountain Igman, in the middle of the winter. Many of the fighters died of wounds and freezing. But that was necessary in order to keep on fighting. Facing the nazis head on would have ended the resistance movement entirely, with minimum nazi casualties.

So there is a balance of being brave and being foolish. That is the way I see these Corona virus measures.

Local news portal called “Nova” published the interview, and all the other anti-regime crap. Why is it crap? In my opinion, all the regimes that had ruled in Serbia since 1988 could all be charged and convicted under a single accusation (among all the other atrocious stuff they did, and still are doing): “treason!” Suppose most civilized countries put firing squads to use after the criminals are convicted under such accusation. So no love lost between myself and the regime.

However, criticizing things in a way that is not objective, using logical fallacies, demagogy and manipulation, are not something that journalist should be doing. So while trying to present themselves as “independent” and “anti-regime”, Nova, along with most other similar media, is just crappy journalism, most probably serving the interests of the “opposition” (the guys who want to get into the position where the regime is, but in order for them to start doing the same atrocities, only using a slightly different rhetorics). I had previously discussed one of the “controversial” articles posted in the “independent” media – bad journalism, at a bad time.

Continued at Corona diary 07

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