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Corona diary 07

Continued from Corona diary 06, started at Corona diary 01.


  1. Monday – State of alertness
  2. Tuesday
  3. Wednesday
  4. Thursday
  5. Friday
  6. Weekend

1. Monday – State of alertness

27th of April, 2020: Wow, 7th week already. Time flies. It’s cool having all this written down, even if it is of no practical use. 🙂 A beautiful spring morning, with fresh air, not much traffic noise, or pollution, not too cold, but not hot either. Made coffee for SWMBO, she has a first customer in her makeup saloon after a while – the government has officially allowed for all the saloons to start working. With respecting all the “measures” (masks, disinfection etc.). Yet, no one has published clearly what those are for all the saloons, gyms etc. Typical for Serbia. 🙂

Linux computer I had set up at work seems to be running low on storage space in the root partition. Almost all the 30 GB have been taken. No idea why, and whether that is normal. Must check at home to see how much space it is taken there.

Government keeps talking about easing the measures. I suppose no one really has an idea how to deal with this. It’s a conflict between allowing the people to move and exercise, allowing the businesses to run, and keeping the virus from spreading and infecting too many people, especially at the same time.

Which leads me to the following thinking: it is not possible, and most probably not healthy, to stay alert all the time. One must adapt to the way things are (and will be, until further ado). So, as with most things, at least in my case, it is down to making habits and procedures that will become “standard”. Looking back at my habits: washing hands and not touching the face with dirty hands – I was trained for that since the early childhood, by my parents. Wearing different clothes while at home, and while outside – also. Not getting too close with people – well, (un)fortunately, I was never much into hugging and kissing. Keeping the distance in the street and indoors – as far as I’m concerned, people where I live don’t have much respect for “the personal space”, so these measures are also welcome. The only thing that really bothers me are the face masks. Not really sure how to get into the habit of wearing one. But will probably have to.

Oil prices have plummeted, probably due to lower demand. From what I could gather, manufacturers are actually paying to have the oil taken, since they have no storage (negative price per barrel). People here are complaining that, due to high government taxing, price drops at the petrol stations are minimal. In my opinion, people fail to grasp how highly in debt the country is. Sure – our politicians are stealing a lot of money. Nonetheless, our economy was being devastated since 1988. There is hardly enough to keep the current infrastructure running, not to mention the needed investments in order to catch up with the developed countries industry. High taxes for fuel are a necessity. Even with those, I expect high inflation this year, since the country is broke, and the whole world is facing a depression (economic one as well as the mental one). Most pensions and pays will be effectively cut – by the inflationary price hikes.

Speaking of crisis, anti-regime sentiment is getting louder (if not stronger). In the 90s, during the tyrannical regime of Slobodan Milošević, national media was under strict control. Under the rule of the current regime, this has started looking more and more similar (current president was Milošević’s minister of information). Back in the 90s, as rebellion started to grow stronger (with resistance movement funded and trained by the US), people started making noise (hitting on pots and using whistles) at the time national TV news started – 8 PM. This started happening again. Atmosphere:

The main problem with this, just like in the 90s, but even more so now, is that there is no real, good, honest opposition. Who will take over? Which program, which policy, which people? No one has the slightest idea. Breaking something, without a clue on how to build, brings chaos (and entrophy, as a natural state that all the elements have a tendency for, if left without a conscious effort to create and maintain order). While I don’t like the regime, I also don’t like this mindless and highly nationalistic, right wing opposition.

Stayed a bit longer at work, came home exhausted. Then managed to injure my other knee, during training at home. Hurt when I walked by the evening.

2. Tuesday

28th of April, 2020: Knee still hurts a bit, but I’m no longer limping. Took it easy on the bicycle ride to work – with no problems. Hope I’ll be able to exercise again by the end of the week – we’ll see.

On Linkedin, I came across this linked article – on how poor management kills motivation (basically). It says motivation comes down to three main factors: autonomy, mastery and purpose. None of those are present at the current day-job, not really. 🙂

3. Wednesday

29th of April, 2020: More-less a standard day at the day job. Morning meetings are being made again, unfortunately.

In the evening, the “schedule” was the following:

  • 8:00 PM – people applauding to the medical workers.
  • 8:05 PM – people banging on pans, whistling and shouting against the regime.
  • 8:30 PM – regime orchestrated performance – “protesting against the opposition!?! What that looks like:

The regime apparently gave special permits to their people, so they can move during the curfew. Then they organized placement of sound systems on the tops of many buildings, around the cities. And played some anti-opposition song over those speakers at 8:30 PM, also shouting and lighting torches (like football hooligans do). Some video:

Monkeys – in urban habitat

From what I could hear, they did manage to put some electric installations on fire, some balconies etc. This performance went on the following days, at 8:30 PM. Some citizens had rebelled and prevented the thugs from using their buildings in the following days.

Fun n’ games

The worst thing is that most citizens are brainwashed, filled with nationalism, so neither the regime, nor the opposition would do anything good, it will probably keep getting worse and worse, no matter who “wins”.

4. Thursday

30th of April, 2020: One of our servers at the day-job broke down. People who could maintain those have left the company (for another, or for retirement). With no one left in charge. Brilliant, isn’t it? I was able to pinpoint the problem cause, but had to report it and ask for further instructions/approvals. By the late afternoon, it was decided to call upon one of the retired coworkers to come and help – for free, of course. 🙂 And she did fix it. Temporarily at least.

I noticed some problems with my websites. Deciding to fix it the following day, using backups from the previous days. Explained here: Yoast SEO WordPress plugin problems.

5. Friday

1st of May, 2020: The international worker’s day – a national holiday. More server problems were reported. Had to go to the day-job and use the little Linux knowledge I have to get it fixed. Managed to get it done. Got home to fix my own websites. The entire day was curfew, so I got to go out during the curfew (couldn’t be done remotely).

6. Weekend

2nd and 3rd of May, 2020: On Saturday – time for some house cleaning, and working on other websites. Gandalf does most of the CSS, JavaScript and visual design, while I handle protection, backups, emails, and general functionality (registrations, subscriptions etc.). Rainy and cold day for this time of year.

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