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Corona diary 08

Updated: 21/05/2020.

Continued from Corona diary 07, started at Corona diary 01.


  1. Monday
  2. Tuesday
  3. Wednesday
  4. Thursday
  5. Friday
  6. Weekend

1. Monday

4th of May, 2020: Technically I’m on my vacation from today. Have about 9 days of last year’s vacation unspent and thought it would be fair to use it while I’m scheduled to not come to work because of the isolation measures. Don’t like the idea of getting paid for nothing, and I expect we’ll have loads of work once the isolation measures are eased of (many computers that hadn’t been used for months now will be put back in action and I expect a lot of problems, plus all the work that has been put off for precaution reasons). Wouldn’t be very nice for the other colleagues if I went on a vacation when we get piled up with work.

A friend from high school called me about helping them with a website. He wants to go into politics and needs a website for that purpose. He’s been disenchanted with some parties in the past, where he was active, so now starts his own, local. He already has a non-profit organization with a good following, but has reached a point where he needs to get more power in need to push the needed changes.

The motives are good. I agreed to help him with all the technical and security stuff. Though I also told him that I think it’s futile – if he gets any kind of greater popularity, they will either blackmail him into cooperating, or use violence (either “legally”, using the police and planting something, or in the darkness). I don’t completely agree with his political views, but I know he’s honest and truly wants to make things better.

This is a kind of a website I would expect to be hacked and DDOS-ed, as soon as the party gets any popularity.

Started working at my “Bike Gremlin bicycle service“. Which is usually fun and I enjoy it, only this day I had a relatively strong migraine. So I worked quite slowly and with quite some pain throughout the day.

2. Tuesday

5th of May, 2020: Gandalf needed some help at his weekend house – he’s getting water, so we needed to dig the holes for the pipes. Definitely not young any more – didn’t do even 1/3 of the planned and got exhausted.

During the day, I got a call from a friend – who needed help with the IT infrastructure for their company. He’s an expert economist and a good businessman (and even honest at that 🙂 ), but he knows and admits what he doesn’t know.

I’ve got a lot on my plate, but after trying some contacts, concluded that if he is to be helped, it would have to be mostly me, myself and I. Already wrote about the lack of experts in Serbia.

In the evening, I attended a WordPress and e-commerce meetup, over Zoom, of course, nothing is live because of the Corona virus – it was educational. Couldn’t have attended it otherwise, since it was organized by the Belgrade branch of WordPress Serbia – so a little good with everything bad.

Consulted with Gandalf about the website we’re building. He’s doing wonders with CSS and Java Script, but it’s faster to have me fix any WordPress related peculiarities. Two of us together would make a decent website developer. 🙂

3. Wednesday

6th of May, 2020: Decided to write about the reasons for the popularity of anti-vaxxer, anti-5g and other conspiracy theories. Did a lot of wrenching at my workshop, for most of the day. Finished several bikes, but one has to wait – customer wanted to have all the spokes switched to black coloured ones – for aesthetic reasons. Couldn’t find black spokes of the appropriate length.

4. Thursday

7th of May, 2020: Curfew is no longer in force (from 5 AM) this day. For now at least. SWMBO spent most of the day shopping for her makeup studio supplies, grocery shopping and hanging out with friends. While I had a long day of web development. And helped a friend set up their WordPress website, a forum, and configure emails through MXroute.

People in the street seem a lot more relaxed, and there are traffic jams again. More noise, broken glass… in many aspects, it was nicer during the curfew, unfortunately.

First night after the curfews were ended in Serbia - Novi Sad
First night after the curfews were ended in Serbia – Novi Sad

5. Friday

8th of May, 2020: Went for a cycling ride, stopped by at mom’s house to replace the winter car tyres (and wheels) with the summer ones. Then went to Gandalf’s weekend house to do some digging.

A lot more people in the streets and parks. During the curfew, it was more/less empty, so much nicer for cycling at least. More noise in the street. After having been used to the peace and quiet, SWMBO and I noticed how noisy it normally is. Both during the day and during the evening/night – and early morning, when you are likely to be awoken at 6 o’clock by a 10 second car horn sound…

In the evening, there was almost no noise this time – no applause for the doctors, no follow up anti-regime noise, and no follow up – follow up pro-regime, anti-opposition noise.

6. Weekend

9th and 10th of May, 2020: SWMBO had some makeup projects and work at her saloon for the most of the weekend. Spent Saturday cleaning, cooking, working on websites and wrote an article for my IT website – about WordPress website development. It’s a work in progress.

Spent Sunday digging at Gandalf’s weekend house, drinking beer, chatting…

Situation in the streets, at shops, on the nearby Fruška Gora weekend resorts – all looks like there’s no risk of the Corona virus spreading.

During this week, I had organized Luke’s birthday surprise. Had to settle for keeping the safe distance, but I think he enjoyed, though he was a bit sad and confused I couldn’t come in, in spite of all the explanations.

Also during the week, I had started having some trouble breathing. Had similar problem some 4 months ago – went to get checked by the doctor, and they said it’s too much work, stress, and tiredness. Lungs and heart were perfectly fine. These symptoms are the same, only lasted longer – still not 100% gone. It’s fine when I cycle and exercise, or when I dig, but when I’m just sitting and doing nothing, or talking on a phone – it’s felt. Suppose I need to chill more and send people to hell when they deserve so, not keep it all inside.

Will go and see a doctor again, just in case.

Continued at Corona diary 09.

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