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Where do you see yourself in five years?

I was born and still live in Novi Sad, Serbia (Europe, third rock from the Sun). Because of the decades of economic crisis (among other things) in my country, most good professionals have left Serbia and gone to work abroad (mostly Western Europe and the USA).

This has made the task of finding a good mechanic, plumber, or even an engineer, rather difficult – next to impossible. The good ones are booked for months in advance.

Still, wise people say that worrying about the things you can’t change is no good – one should always try to find a piece of good in every bad situation, make the best of it. Linkedin front page is full of people who share that wisdom: even though job offers for Serbia are full of underpaid jobs, most Serbs on Linkedin are somehow super happy and successful. And they appear to be loving their work, even more than the taxes!

So, getting into the mood, I’ve found a way to get something positive out of that state of affairs. What have I come up with (would add “brilliantly”, but I’m obviously biased)?

It is well known that, in a job interview with the HR (Human Remains?) you are very likely to be asked THE QUESTION… drumroll…:
Where do you see yourself in five years?

As if the interview’s result has nothing to do with that outcome – “we’re all bound to succeed!” Normally, most people have problems with answering such questions… but not the Serbs! We were born ready!

Next time I get asked where I see myself in five years, I’ll ask: “In five years time morning, or the afternoon?”

Why? Because: exactly five years from now, in the afternoon, hopefully, the plumber is (finally) coming. I’ll be at home – no matter what!

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