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Privacy policy

1. What user data is required and when

This web site requires users to enter e-mail and username when posting comments, or if you are mad enough to subscribe to our spamy newsletter.

2. What is the user data used for

User data is only used for moderation of comments and data that users put on the site. Access rights to put it shortly. And to send you silly spam emails if you have made the mistake of subscribing to the newsletter.

In case of bad behavior (spaming, insults, or, but not restricted to, referring to that strange US version of handball as football), an account can be blocked. For the etiquette details, see the rules for posting comments.

There is no other use of the user data. It is not given to any other company, nor individual. See – unlike to the wise Google CEOs, to me you really are completely useless.

You can unsubscribe from the website at any time, and then all your data will automatically be removed, except posted comments (unless something goes wrong… but why should it – computers don’t blunder!).

3. Data protection

User data visible (only) when posting a comment are user name and website (if that data is provided by the user). E-mail is kept private (hidden), protected from alteration, or copying.

The site uses SSL/TLS encryption (HTTPS protocol). That is why user data can’t be intercepted while being sent from the user’s computer, to the website’s server (well, except by the NSA, I suppose).

In case of any data/privacy related concerns, contact me at:
my name (relja) @ this domain (bikegremlin.com)
– Written strangely like this in order to avoid the most persistent creatures in the known universe: the spaming bots.

4. Google Analytics and AdSense

Google uses cookies to serve ads based on a user’s prior visits to this and/or other websites. Option of Google cookie tracking can be turned off for this site (and others) by visiting this link: Ad Settings.

5. Consent

By submitting a comment on this website, one consents to the comment being publicly visible, without the right to delete and/or alter it (except with the website administrator’s approval). Given information remains the property of the Bike Gremlin website. With a gremlin keeping the right to edit and/or delete comments if they see it as appropriate… and many things seem appropriate after 5 beers past midnight…

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