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Etiquette – comment posting rules

Unlike some other websites and social networks, where moderators can be real twats, I’m a tolerant, open minded idiot. Hence, dad jokes and political incorrectness are generally OK here. However, in order to prevent spam, poor quality flaming and trolling, some rules must be set, so all the comments are moderated before being published.

In case your comment isn’t published for several days after being posted, it could be due to one, or several of the following reasons:

  • I’m too drunk, or too hung-over to read. Wait a few more days… or weeks.
  • You have made some poor quality ad hominem attacks, instead of discussing the ideas/topics. The ones I find to be in good humor, especially if aimed towards me (thus having the lowest probability of insulting any minorities, or Christians) are generally OK.
  • You have referred to that strange US version of handball as “football”. This could result in automatic banning from ever commenting here.
  • You are openly opposing the radical feminist theory that women are human too. I myself am a radical (this is a rather radical website), and will shamelessly enforce this single mindedness, resorting to censorship if needed. Same goes for disregard of any other homo sapiens based on skin colour, or ethnicity – we are all equal and anyone claiming otherwise will be shot on site censored. With just a slight pinch of tolerance towards the abuse of all the French and, especially, Italian engineers.
  • You’ve claimed the Brits and the Ausies drive on the wrong side of the road: 99% of the people get on and off their bikes from the left hand side, so it’s only logical for that side to be near the side of the road, not towards the middle of it. In those terms, all the others, including my countrymen, are blind twats that don’t know any better. Left side is the right side – period!
  • You’ve stated that bicycle disc brakes are a good idea. Same goes for praising bicycle shock absorbers, having more than 8 rear sprockets, and 1x drivetrains.
  • You’ve tried posting spamy links, or adverts, “masking” it as a genuine comment. I deeply despise spam and “sneaky SEO experts” – fuck off!
  • You’ve commented something along the lines of: “this is brilliant”, “well written” etc. All the content on this website is absolute rubbish, claiming otherwise clearly marks you as insane – seek help from a professional.

That’s it for now – I’ll probably add more to this list once I’m sober.

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