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Isaac Asimov’s Robots, Empire, and Foundation series

I love science fiction books (and films). Back when I was a kid, I had read all the SF and fantasy books in the local city library in Novi Sad, so even under 10 years old at the time, was allowed by the librarians to use my kids pass and rent books from the grown-ups section. Went for anything that was there – including Arthur Clarke and Isaac Asimov. Both authors were beyond my ability to truly comprehend and completely understand at the time. That hadn’t stopped me from being amazed by the magical worlds they described, each in their own way.

Of the two, Asimov’s work was woven with deeply humane and even philosophical notes. Such that I had to read his books again, when I was older, to truly understand and appreciate them. Clarke is also excellent, love his work too, but this post is about Asimov (sorry Sir Clarke).

Digression: Recently I got a Kindle Paperwhite, for my 40th birthday. For the past few years, I had read very little, apart from the tremendous amount of literature needed for work (computer and mechanics related stuff). However, this little gadget let me pack lots of books in a really portable package – light weight and A5 notebook format. Easy on the eyes, unlike a computer, or tablet screen. With a battery that lasts for ages before needing a recharge. And with a cool backlight that comes in handy. I now wonder why I hadn’t bought this ages ago. This is not a paid advert – for anyone who loves reading, it is one of the few modern gadgets that really are good. Best birthday present ever! 🙂

Back to the topic – I started reading Isaac Asimov’s works in their original version, in English that is (not in Serbocroatian translation). Deciding to try and read it in the chronological order – following the timeline within the books, not the order by which they were published. And I thought it is a good idea to share that on my website, for future reminder and reference, while it’s still “fresh”. So here it is, my recommendation of the reading order, by the “in book timeline”:

In this list I will use Amazon affiliate links (and earn a few bucks if you go and buy anything using those).


  1. The Complete Robot
  2. The Caves of Steel
  3. The Naked Sun
  4. The Robots of Dawn
  5. Robots and Empire

  6. The Stars, Like Dust
  7. The Currents of Space
  8. Pebble in the Sky

  9. Prelude to Foundation
  10. Forward the Foundation
  11. Foundation
  12. Foundation and Empire
  13. Second Foundation
  14. Foundation’s Edge
  15. Foundation and Earth

Not all the books are of the same quality. The Foundation series is considered the crown of Asimov’s work by many. In spite of that, I would recommend reading all the books, in the chronological order. Since it gets you to truly appreciate all the details and get a full understanding of the fantastic world created by the writer.

Isaac Asimov Foundation series
Isaac Asimov Foundation series

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