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The best Corona virus article in the world!

Corona virus is a currently hot topic. Of course, being properly informed can and does help (at least in my opinion) – because, while fear and panic don’t help anyone, being smart and reasonably cautious definitely does. I’ve seen lots of interviews and read a lot of reports – by journalists, politicians and even some experts got to say a few words these days (unbelievable, isn’t it?!). Well, in my opinion, the best written, most complete and as objective as possible article on the subject was written by the authors of a cool Serbian Facebook group – “Daily dosage of the average Serb” (in Serbian: “Dnevna doza prosečnog Srbende”). It is a “funny page” that deals with some prejudice and makes good jokes at our (Serbian) account (that’s safest – no one gets offended when you joke at your own account).

Besides being excellent, their article perfectly fits the auditing policy of this blog – containing “bad words” and making fun of some people, so, similarly to my drivel, it is not suitable for children, elderly, anyone who is easily offended, and the cyclists. Now, having read this, you may be wondering why it is not suitable for the cyclists? If you are: as I had thought, no one really cares about the kids and the elderly!

Anyway, long story short – I decided to translate this (in my honest opinion) brilliant piece of journalism and share it on my blog (why should only the Serbs suffer?!). Hoping the authors will sue me once this Shitstorm™ is over, so we can get drunk, end up in a nice, traditional, Serbian bar fight, then get drunk again… and again… Here it goes (my translation from Serbian):

Now bullshitting again, bro. Even longer. Even worse. Scroll down and read if you’re interested. Or whatever.


Below is a sort of our analysis of whether the Corona is a planned “project” and what if it is? And what if it isn’t?

Lots of drivel and conspiracy theories everywhere. This is our attempt of putting 2 and 2 together and making a sense of it. Critique is of course welcome.

First things first as far as the virus itself. We have apparently all misunderstood from the start that it’s a new type of flu. Corona is not a flu. It’s not even a stronger flu. Corona is SARS.

Its medical name is SARS-CoV-2 which is a family of RNK virus that has been known to science as fucking small and simple compared to other ordinary “double sized” DNK viruses. The fact it is “simple” means it has no gene-code check when replicating (as the ordinary DNK viruses have). Like Lale, the cheap hairdresser in the city. You get a different haircut every time. Fuck it – today is not his day.

Similarly to Lale the hairdresser, the RNK virus makes a lot more mistakes (million times more), hence mutating faster and getting adapted to host’s cell. Sometimes the mistake turns out great for the virus.

When stuck on a cell wall, these viruses fit so nicely that they almost always “trick” the cell and get inside. Unfortunately, many zoo-pathogens fit this well (ie. viruses and bacteria from the wild animals, because we too used to be a wild beast, we’re fucking compatible).

What’s even more crazy!

Many animals live comfortably with the virus. Some types of bats and snakes don’t even notice it because their immune system persistently repairs the damaged cells. Our immune system has a different problem – it overreacts (like the people on Reddit – translator’s remark). Stupid? Stubborn?

No. It just won’t take any chances with an intruder. As soon as it finds an infected cell, it slaughters it. Regardless of whether it’s still reparable. It might have repaired – who knows? But this idiot slaughters. Doesn’t give a damn.

People literally end up with holes in their lungs (those who end up on ventilators and then survive). But just the same, some other people have no problems whatsoever. Fuck it, do you feel lucky? No one knows. Honestly, it’s a lottery bro. There are great chances that you survive and don’t feel it (not get even 3 numbers right).

But there is the small chance, not just to get killed, but to have your lungs destroyed for life. Holes, destroyed bronchia and crap. Coughing as if you smoked two packs a day for 25 years. The guys in the stats count you as RECOVERED… and tell you that you should be careful from now on. Don’t get exhausted… don’t run… don’t this… don’t that.

OK, cut the crap – did someone make it in a lab, or not?

Perhaps. But not on planet Earth, bro (unless you believe that Martians fly around space and have nothing better to do than spread the SARS virus).

How do we know it’s not “manufactured”?

Because such good molecular adaptation for a cell wall takes enormously long TIME. Loooooooong time. Not in a 100, not in a 1,000, not in 10,000 years of experimenting in the best Rothschild laboratory. Ask any biochemist in Serbia – they’ll tell you that such good molecular adaptation for sticking on a cell receptor can be made by only one guy – the guy is called long natural selection of over million years (call it God if you like, Mother Nature, whatever, but that’s the way things are for now).

Besides. Even if you are an idiot Rothschild and say you wish to kill millions of people. Why make the whole virus from scratch? Isn’t it better to take what already exists in nature and just “help” the process? The story of a laboratory having made it is a TOTAL CRAP.

The very fact of how well it sticks is the proof that Corona is of a natural (biological) origins.

Also, we know that nature can create dangerous and crazy chemistry. Think of the black mamba poison, or that Japanese fish that kills ten people with a piece of meat. Bacteria that digest plastics? Nature can do it and it doesn’t care. It never sleeps.


The fact something is of natural origins, yet deadly at the same time, doesn’t mean the story is over.

Uranium and plutonium are of natural origins, yet they can kill us. Ever since the people figured that out long ago, they keep uranium locked in highly restricted, locked down places. Radiation bro. Fuck it.

Well, that was the case with the first SARS, when it was discovered in 2003. Fortunately, it was a lot more deadly than the one we have today, so it quickly knocked down anyone infected (so the poor sobs couldn’t transmit it further). Otherwise, we would have had this shit with the previous administration.

Anyway, the Chinese quickly isolated it. Hushed up the story. Locked it inside the lab doors and formed a department on the Institute for virology so the science can deal with it.

In no other place – than the city of Wuhan, where the Corona virus outbreak had happened.
Institute Of Virology,Chinese Academy Of Sciences

There are some very strange facts that common sense can notice about the institute. No conspiracy theories and shit. It’s all been published publicly. From within China itself.

First one is that it started with the Chinese (who, to be honest, in many places of China, are real human scum that eat live eels and snakes in a pot, fry toads and bats, but let’s not get into that now…). But hear this: of all the places in China, the new version of SARS breaks out in the very city where the Institute of Virology is located!?


The institute is a serious one. One of the few that have BSL4 (bio-safety level 4) because they work with extremely dangerous viruses.

In its history, Chinese themselves describe working on viruses transmitted from wild animals, such as SARS, since 2008. Chinese must have gotten so scared and dedicated to studying SARS so they hired scientists to look for animals that can transmit it to humans all over Asia.

As the institute says, by 2015, they have found around 100 gene sequences (sub-species of various Corona viruses) foind in around 1,400 types of bats. But also from snakes and some other poor, little mammals (who’s meat is sold as food in the local Wuhan market).

Bat origin of human coronaviruses. Virol J., December, 2016.…/…/201603/t20160311_160487.html

So, bro, one more time, this is no conspiracy theory or similar shit. There’s a link to the study on the institute website and on Wikipedia:

Wuhan Institute of Virology – wiki

Who wants to can read it. Who doesn’t – doesn’t have to. That too is fine.

Let’s move on.

So it seems to be the truth that the Chinese had loads of very dangerous types of Corona virus inside the walls of that building.

They even went on to publish the tests with bats that had the same results of acute pneumonia that we now see around the world (by the way, the conspiracy documentary that is shared around the Internet is some shit someone added to the legit video records from the institute).

OK, all in all, the Chinese are bad?!

Look. This does not mean that the Chinese had planned bio-terrorism or a revenge to the Americans etc. Let us be grown ups. These aren’t simple things.

Perhaps they did, but perhaps it was just an ordinary health protection story (like we have Torlak virus institute). They were most probably looking for a vaccine because they knew how bad they are when it comes to food and markets. Their intentions may have been good. Or note. It doesn’t really matter now.

It all doesn’t change the fact that the Chinese screwed it up this time – 99.9% certainly.

How exactly?

Here’s how:

What is likely to have happened (as it does happen in practice sooner, or later):

1. One of the employees makes a mistake and gets infected, then spreads it to a group of people outside the institute. The omission is discovered too late (fuck it, the man sorts 500 bats each days, making a mistake is human).

2. Minor malfunction in the system causes the disease to spread outside the institute building. A rat, or a bat escapes? It’s not impossible (remember Chernobyl in Ucraine? Politicians have kept it hidden for as long as they could).

3. Animal meat from the lab ends up in the market (there were several such stories in the Chinese news – they might hold water).

4. Chinese government, instead of reacting publicly right away, does the opposite and tries to hush the story. Like in Chernobyl. Too late.

5. Some of the employees sells a pair of infected mice for money (it doesn’t mean they have, but this could have ended up in the hands of some religious fanatics or other idiots).

Any option is possible after that. Once you screw up, others will quickly make use of that.

Chinese will sooner or later have to explain to the world what happened in Wuhan. People will crap about it for decades. Kids will learn it in schools.

There will be court cases and documentaries. Bullshit and conspiracy theories will be spread, just like with the attack on twin towers in New York.

Unfortunately, we’ll never know the real truth.


And this sucks again.

What is perhaps the most important:

It is completely irrelevant who screwed up. Corona showed how we, as a human race, SUCK and are helpless before the nature.

Not just us Serbs, but practically all the nations and countries.

It is a fact that the world, in the 21st century, no less than the year 2020 already, doesn’t have masks and gloves even for the health workers at least, not to mention some better defence strategy.

It is a fact that the world knows when Kim Kardashian farted in a reality show, yet knows nothing of the human cells and the epidemics.

It is a fact that hundreds of doctors have died already, while we are still listening to the politicians and suckers who tell bullshit and dispute that in the media.

It is a fact that millions are loosing jobs with lightning speed and that the big corporations are not taking any responsibility for it – so the civilization is down to the liberal capitalism that is about to burst in 10 days time just because of one fucking virus?

Fortunately, Corona doesn’t kill children nearly as much. Imagine that?! Can you?!

We can’t. But we know there would have been armed conflicts and blood in the streets. With brains as empty as they are and the regulations as they are, there would have been a mass chaos and aggression among the parents.

Because that’s how we are.

When the shit hits the fan, we’re all angry.

Corona is just a new Chernobyl.

Chernobyl where again some of the humans fucked up and the nature did the rest.

A negligent omission and that’s it.

Beings that live on a tiny planet and who throw millions of dollars on footballers, celebrities, yachts, cars, tennis players, models and guys who walk around in tights, tattooed and with pierced belly buttons and asses – and then when a pandemic starts wander around like helpless fools trying to defend themselves from the nature (for which we know that has been killing us with plagues and diseases for millions of years). Those are the beings that can do just one thing – go extinct.

That is why Corona should have happened just now. Maybe that’s the only thing why it’s good.

As a reminder.

For all of us (who still have at least a little bit of brains) to think and wonder.

Translated and published with permission from Daily dosage of the average Serb Facebook page authors.

As always, comments are welcome, just mind the etiquette.

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